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The Deaf Volleyball Club (DVC) is a club founded by the deaf community in Uganda and primarily appeals to members that are deaf or hard of hearing, minorities and underrepresented groups. DVC was established in 2020 to use volleyball as a tool for promoting development through sporting activities (sports for development) and raising the awareness of underrepresented groups. DVC is a perfect platform for players that are deaf and want to compete and participate in sporting activities within an organized and convenient environment. In Uganda, people with disabilities are often left out of mainstream sporting events and also have to endure other barriers in almost all spheres of life. DVC provides the perfect solution to many marginalized and athletic youth that have aspirations of competing at a high level, enjoying sports and benefitting from the values and life-long experiences that is associated with sports. DVC players will learn essential life skills such as: leadership, resilience, time management, discipline, social skills and the important component of teamwork – all these attributes are valuable for success in education and other aspects of life. DVC also plans to reach out to its adjoining community to promote physical fitness activities and to encourage healthy lifestyles and habits in the community.

DVC is home to both the casual and serious competitor that is eager to learn and play in an organized and competitive team. One of the goals of DVC is to join the national volleyball federation league and compete among the bigger teams and clubs in the country. The active participation of DVC in other competitions will help increase awareness about the abilities of disabled people and their potential to become successful in sports and other aspects of life. Using volleyball, the players will learn how to use their energy to excel and showcase talent which in turn will create a positive impact and also contribute towards reduced inequalities and social justice in Uganda. Volleyball will be used as a positive outlet for youth who might otherwise be tempted into crime, drugs or unproductive activities. The club is set up to function as an excellent support system (coach and teammates) especially for those that don’t have parents, mentors or senior role models.

The club is in its early stages of formation and different volunteers have contributed towards the formulation procedures of the club. The club intends to tap into relevant stakeholders, sponsors and well-wishers for different forms of support. At the moment, there is a skeleton administrative team and a group of ambitious and energetic youth who look forward to learning from an experienced coach. The outdoor playing ground has been secured, which is strategically located next to the deaf society, however there is need for more equipment. It is expected that the sports apparel needed to kick-start action will soon be in place. DVC welcomes opportunities for collaboration and partnership with like-minded establishments that share a similar agenda

The Need

DVC is now in need of a dedicated coach that is familiar with developing skills and identifying player strengths. The team is looking for a reliable resource to help set up proper administrative structures, a team conduct guide, and a coaching plan that will work for the available talent groups. This will be in an environment that will require a translator and lots of hand-signalling. This is also a great opportunity to improve on your communication skills as you interact with deaf players on a daily basis. You’ll also get a great opportunity to work in a low-resource sports environment and will learn how to improvise, work with available resources and produce results. The volunteer or intern in this role must have demonstrated experience either as a volleyball coach or player and must have competed in organized volleyball competitions. The coach may serve on a short-term or long-term basis. At this stage, the club needs committed individuals to get all the moving parts going. If you feel like you can handle this challenge, please reach out to us. DVC is looking to establish long-term relationships with everyone that is a part of its success. Inability is not disability!

The Outcome

  1. To create a well structured volleyball club that provides opportunities for both male and female to compete at different levels based on talent and commitment levels.
  2. To increase the awareness about the abilities of disabled people and their potential to excel
  3. To improve lifestyles, nutrition and healthy habits as a result of community engagement and intervention
  4. To mitigate marginalization and segregation of underrepresented groups as a result of increased participation and visibility in sporting events
  5. To reduce idleness, crime and drug abuse among youth in underrepresented communities
  6. To equip life skills to players such as respect, leadership, teamwork, and hard work
  7. To establish long-term working relationship with coaches, volunteers and sponsors and relevant stockholders
  8. To create opportunities for talented players to win monetary awards, scholarships, bursaries and pursue professional volleyball careers
  9. To provide a service learning opportunity for an international volunteer or intern to gain valuable cultural exchange experience and exposure to the development challenges in the Ugandan sports sector
  10. To acquire fulfilment and gratification in uplifting an impoverished community through volleyball
  11. To establish a supportive system for deaf players, fans and interested parties
  12. To serve as a model club for other sports associations or special groups that have similar or related aspirations
  13. To promote socialization, friendship and camaraderie among the disabled community through sports participation
  14. To empower the disabled youth to become confident and responsible leaders in others aspects of their lives using the acquired life skills

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