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Education in Uganda has registered progress in primary and secondary enrollment over the years; however, the sector still grapples with several inadequacies. Increased education enrollment has not guaranteed educational quality or completion rates. Government funding and policies have not adequately responded to the massification of education in Uganda and its heightened demand. Although education is a human right, it is not easily available and accessible to all.

In the rural and under-resourced communities, education has suffered the most. These areas experience high levels of teacher absenteeism, low teacher morale, school drop outs and poor school infrastructure. Our Teaching and Education Program works with partners on the ground to promote educational quality through boosting teacher morale, teaching, supporting applicable learning interventions, soft skills development and administrative support. Whether you are a licensed teacher or an enthusiastic individual looking to volunteer in a low-income school system, this program is for you.

Your main activities may include a combination of the following activities

  1. Apply learned teaching principles to real-life situations in rural schools
  2. Teach alongside local teachers to improve participatory teaching methods, classroom management, assessments and gender equality in the classroom.
  3. Teach reading, conversational English, Mathematics and important life skills
  4. Create interactive knowledge-sharing sessions and training for teachers and administrators
  5. Promote activities that require parent involvement in student academic affairs and carry out after-school activities
  6. Carry out essential research and classroom observation for monitoring and quality assurance purposes

Why Choose This Program

  1. Reduce illiteracy and support communities to become economically independent. 
  2. Obtain exposure to varied classroom situations and diverse learning and cultural contexts
  3. Inspire Ugandan children to learn English from a fluent English speaker
  4. Increase children’s access to equitable and quality education
  5. Contribute towards improved educational outcomes and school retention
  6. Become an advocate for education improvement in rural and low-income schools
  7. Ignite passions in students to learn, read and develop a scholastic attitude
  8. Become a role model for students and teachers alike

Apply today to get started on a challenging and rewarding experience.

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