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Intern Remotely in Uganda

Program Overview

Enroll in one of our remote internship opportunities and gain real-world, professional experience and personal growth. Our online international experiences are set to meet the same goals of our traditional, in-person programs. Although learning online may require different skills and modes of communication, many of the existential advantages associated with in-person learning are supported remotely. For instance intercultural exchange, opportunities for critical reflection, career development and global citizenship qualities are all attainable.

Our remote programs meet the needs of individuals looking for a transformative and meaningful international experience without the extra cost and hassle associated with international travel. Our application process enables us to understand each applicants unique qualities and needs – we then match you to career-relevant roles that also benefit your host organization.

We can even take it a step further! You can start your intern program from the comfort of your home and then travel to Uganda to meet your host organization, make deeper connections, explore Uganda’s scenery and speak Kiswahili with native speakers. All our remote programs have an optional language component (Kiswahili) which provides cultural immersion through language learning.

During your remote internship, we will create opportunities to network with professionals and form sound relationships that in turn, can foster future opportunities and prompt the discovery of future career paths or simply further solidify your  interest in a current field. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of interning remotely with us – our friendly staff will be more than happy to guide you on your exciting international adventure.

Internship Opportunities

Counselling & Psychology, Conservation & Sustainability, Education & Human Rights, Architecture & Real Estate, Journalism & Communications, Law, Marketing, Media & Publishing, Medical & Public Health, Logistics & Supply Chain, Sports Management, Computer Science and IT, International Dev & NGO, Entrepreneurship & Start Up, Tourism and Hospitality, Business and Finance, Creative Design and Fashion

Application Process

  1. Fill out our online application form
  2. Schedule an interview with our internship coordinator
  3. Participate in an interview to discuss options and program details
  4. If accepted, confirm your preferred option and pay a $400 deposit
  5. Participate in an interview with your prospective host supervisor / organization
  6. Wait for final acceptance details from your host organization and then pay the final balance of $400

How Does the Internship Work

  1. Participate in an orientation session with our internship coordinator
  2. Meet your host supervisor and go over goals and expectations before you start your internship
  3. Attend regularly scheduled meetings with your host supervisor/team
  4. Check in with our intern coordinator often for any issues or help needed. We shall also reach out often to make sure everything is moving along well.
  5. At the end of your program, receive your internship evaluation and a letter of recommendation from your host organization if your evaluation is positive. We shall also issue you an internship participation certificate.


  1. What is required to enrol for a remote internship? You must meet the entry-level requirements for your field of interest. A computer and internet connection is also necessary.
  2. How long will my internship last? Our remote internships are scheduled for 1-3 months, however, if you want a longer term, we can make it happen.
  3. Why do I pay a fee? You pay a fee to receive a well structured and purposeful international experience that matches your needs. A lot goes into setting this up! 
  4. How will I communicate with my the internship coordinator or supervisor? There are several options to use, and you’ll discuss this during your orientation sessions.
  5. Why should I join an online international internship? Working remotely is turning into a new normal – you can use this affordable opportunity to gain remote work experience, hone your professional skills and also broaden your world view. This international experience will give you a great competitive advantage and also offer you essential intercultural insights.


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