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The Community Healthcare Awareness program falls under our Public Health Improvement theme. If you are looking for a community-oriented program in Public Health that involves outreach and engagement with locals and does not require prior clinical experience or training then the Community Healthcare Awareness Program is the right choice for you. You’ll mainly work with social workers and public health officials in different settings that support communities in dire need of access to quality healthcare.

Volunteering in healthcare can be a great opportunity for you to really make a difference. You can join varying projects in areas such as health education, humanitarian responses, AIDS prevention, reproductive health and general hygiene and nutrition. By joining our Community Healthcare Awareness volunteer program, you are offering the healthcare sector necessary support in under-served and marginalized communities. In many communities in Uganda, medical resources are scarce and access to healthcare is limited. Many people in these communities are unaware of how they can support their health and avoid preventable diseases.

Volunteers in this program work hand in hand with local partners on the ground to provide essential knowledge sharing, counseling and awareness on pertinent health issues. This program is perfect for medics and non-medical volunteers who are compassionate about creating a meaningful impact towards the health of local communities. This program often requires outreach activities, talks and interaction with patients in their homes or communities.

Your main activities may include a combination of the following activities:

  1. Organize medical campaigns, knowledge sharing sessions and health talks for different community groups such as women, youth, and primary children
  2. Conduct a First Aid course and demonstrate health emergency techniques
  3. Help organize HIV/AIDS education classes, workshops and support groups
  4. In collaboration with the host organization, carry out home-visits and administer essential basic treatment, physiotherapy, monitor vital signs and conduct general assessments
  5. Speaking with women and girls about reproductive, maternal, and child health
  6. Provide essential training in homebased care, personal hygiene and nutrition, and home remedies for basic treatment of certain diseases

Why Choose This Program

  1. Get to learn the health challenges of rural communities in Uganda
  2. Gain firsthand experience treating tropical diseases such as malaria
  3. Improve on your professional, critical and problem-solving skills while you work with medical staff in under-served communities in Uganda
  4. Appreciate the value of volunteerism and philanthropy
  5. Develop your presentation, communication and intercultural skills as you work with Ugandan physicians and patients on a daily basis
  6. Work alongside community members in real public health related projects 
  7. Gain experience working in less than ideal conditions - find new solutions using limited resources
  8. Understand the correlation between poverty and life expectancy and explore solutions that can deliver sustainable change and development
  9. With prior approval, use your volunteer experience to earn study credits
  10. Choose this program to support and save lives!

Apply today to get started on a challenging and rewarding experience.

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