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Uganda was previously listed among the most entrepreneurial countries in the world which suggests that Ugandans have an unusual entrepreneurial spirit. Unfortunately, not very many startups and small businesses are successful. This reality means that many hardworking, low-income entrepreneurs will not realize any meaningful social mobility and are most likely to remain in a vicious cycle of poverty.

This program is designed to use volunteers, professionals or interns who have a strong understanding in business enterprise to provide essential financial literacy to youth groups, community members running small businesses or aspiring to run businesses. The objective of this program is to provide local communities with the proper training to set up and run successful local businesses, create new jobs and realize sustainable and profitable business avenues. The long-term objective is for entrepreneurs to realize their full entrepreneurial potential and to live a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

Your main activities may include a combination of the following activities

  1. Teach basic business math, simple bookkeeping techniques and business best practices to community groups
  2. Demonstrate business techniques that improve volumes of sale, customer service, networking and marketing and other income generating avenues
  3. Create group activities and team building assignments to promote individual participation and ownership in the business training
  4. Discusses business challenges and opportunities that are unique to the entrepreneurs
  5. Use creative skills and business acumen to develop appropriate learning lessons for different groups
  6. Introduce basic concepts of asset-management, stock taking, business computing skills and vocational skills training
  7. Explore in detail avenues of accessing capital, loans or microfinance for the local entrepreneurs

Why Choose This Program

  1. Combine theoretical and practical skills in a real-life sustainable business development project
  2. Join the effort to tackle high unemployment rates among youth in Uganda
  3. Enable Ugandan entrepreneurs to reach their full potential
  4. Appreciate the business landscape in the developing world and the challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs
  5. Improve livelihoods and create long-term sustainable development
  6. Combat poverty!

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