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Our meaningful and purposeful study abroad programs are premised on the reality that tomorrow's leaders will need a global mindset and the confidence to adopt new ideas that transcend local communities and national borders – this is why we offer an educational experience that goes beyond grades. This program is a great way to add an international experience to students’ education and to broaden their world view while providing rich intercultural insights and global skills. Studying abroad allows students to apply firsthand international experience to their own academic development through lived experiences, personal reflection and international exposure for personal and professional development.

PI strongly believes that faculty members have the greatest voice in engaging students to study abroad which is why our custom Study Abroad programs are designed in partnership with university faculty and bear academic credit upon successful completion of the study. This group opportunity combines classroom learning with experiential learning in different disciplines and topics. The nature of this study is short-term, intense and full of different activities that stretch beyond the classroom. Our team is adept at designing and planning faculty-led programs that fit within budgets, provide the desired academic rigor and include a rich component of cultural immersion and co-curricular activities.

According to USA Study Abroad, for the academic year 2015/16 where a total of 325,339 U.S. students studied abroad for academic credit, only 722 studied in Uganda. While education abroad programs continue to gain popularity among colleges and universities around the world, many countries such as Uganda are missing out on the opportunity to groom many more future leaders. We are excited about bridging this gap! 

Why Study Abroad

Studies show students who study abroad have better grades, experience less attrition and graduate from college at higher rates than students who do not study abroad. Study abroad experience can play a critical role in developing the global mindset needed to balance local and international challenges. Studying in another country opens students’ eyes to a new way of thinking about the world, instilling a more informed approach to problem-solving in cross-cultural contexts (IIE). Needless to say, studying abroad gives students a new and bold identity which employers find attractive and unique. 

Our team will work closely with study abroad offices or university faculty in the following main areas:

  1. Link the course curriculum to the location, sites, history, culture and development context
  2. Provide in-country logistical support (transport, meals, accommodation…)
  3. Guidance on finance and budgeting
  4. Provide support teaching staff, equipment and resources for the program
  5. Pre-departure planning and cultural orientation
  6. Program itinerary and extracurricular activities
  7. Health, Safety and Risk Management 

Interested Study Abroad programs or faculty should send us an email in order to start the process of putting together a bespoke academic program for either the winter, spring or summer break. Email for further support. We also run non-academic credit programs that include volunteering and internshipsOur readily-available study abroad programs are listed below.

Pathway Impact is a member of The Forum on Education Abroad and abides by the Forum's standards of good practice and quality assurance when designing and implementing all of its study abroad programs. 

Learn about our remote internships in Uganda here. 

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